System Diagnostics

Advanced equipment, extensive experience and the latest knowledge to help maintain or repair your car.

We have access to specialised diagnostic equipment and have the experience to use it which means we can properly analyse any issues with your vehicle. Don’t leave your car in the hands of someone ¬†who will use guesswork and speculation to solve your problem – come to the professionals.

Our system diagnostics equipment can help prevent problems

Checking your system is part of our servicing schedule. Our specialist equipment allows us to make sure we catch many errors before they become serious mechanical problems. So make sure you’re getting your vehicle serviced by a technician that uses the best specialised equipment and recommended fluids to help prevent serious issues.

Have a strange problem with your European luxury or sports car?

Bring it in to us and we’ll get to work tracking down the problem and getting your car running smoothly again. Get in touch or book your car in for a service to take advantage of our experience.